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Hog Snare Systems
Two styles available to help eliminate your hog problem.

"The Hotwoods Hog Snare put an end to the
Kauai Pig that had been destroying my yard.
I watched your video, ordered some snares
and the problem is now solved."
~ Brady

"Phil, This morning we had another big boar
in one of the snares I bought from you.
Success has been very good;
I highly recommend them to help in wild hog mgt.

~ Lester Spell, Jr. DVM Ms.
Commissioner of Agriculture & Commerce

Click here to see how to recognize feral hog damage.

Click here to see how to best snare feral hogs.

coon cuff
System comes equipped with one snare, one spring,
and full setting instructions. This device will cut down
on torn down fence once the hog is restrained.

Complete Hog Master Snare System
for only $31.00

Replacement snares available for $22.00 per dozen.


This Heavy Duty spring is made for eradicating feral pigs from the trails leading to and from their feeding areas. They also work where hogs are going under or through fence and into fields.

Weighs only 2 1/3 pounds and is 28 1/2" long when set . Longer arm allows you to make a larger loop, 20" x16".

Weather proof. Springs are top grade steel that can be dyed with Speed Dip.

Our Hog Master Snare comes equipped with one snare, one spring, and full setting instructions.


Replacement snares come in packages of 12.
HGM-RE12............... $22.00 per dozen

Easy to Use and Set.

.....ITEM ...... PRICE
HGM-SYS $31.00

Hog Master Spring Snare setup in fence line.


"Even though the creek in the swap was flooded, the snares were still
operating correctly. Even after the waters receded."
~ J. Lebenszeit


"Your company's hog snares work great. Set nine snares and caught
one big boar, two big sows, & one pig in one night." ~ Lester Spell

"Here are the two big sows & pig caught in the Hotwood's snares."
~ Lester Spell



Hog Master Trail Snares come in two sizes - 1/8" & 3/32".

Hog Master Trail Snare setup in trail.

Hog Master Trail Snare setup in fence line.

More hog damange in this TX field.

Snares are the only way to go when hogs become
bait shy and will not enter your pen traps.
Our customer in Florida could not get the remaining
hogs to enter his pen trap but they still needed to be
removed. He ordered 2 dozen snares and
with a little coaching was soon back to removing
the final boars from the property..


Watch the video below as Phil shows how to setup the Hog Master snare for any situation:

HOG Master 1/8" Snare
Our Hog Master 1/8" Snare is made of Heavy Duty 7x7 aircraft cable to take on the biggest of hogs in open country with little entanglement.

It includes an adjustable tie-off end to make attaching to brush or a stake quick and easy. The wammy support collar is for ease of supporting your snare in brush or in the open with #9 soft black support wire.

This snare uses the 1/8" cam lock to avoid the snare from backing up. It is the most positive lock in the world. We have done away with the aluminum stop buttons and have graduated to all steel stops to eliminate the hog from tearing them off.

All snares are equipped with deer stops to help prevent accidental deer catches. Snares are made for the professional or the rancher/farmer trying to solve their wild hog problem.

HGM-RE18...................$34.00 per dozen

HOG Master 3/32" Snare
Our Hog Master 3/32" Snare is made of 3/32 -- 1x19 cable which is stiffer and holds a nice loop when snaring in brush.

This snare is tough!

It has all the same hardware as our 1/8" hog master snare with the addition of a more stealth cable. This is an excellent snare for brush country where low visability is needed.

HGM-RE332...................$32.00 per dozen

.....ITEM ...... PRICE
HGM-RE332 $32.00

Peanut field with obvious hog damage in Childress, TX.

This video features Mark Daniels of Texas, another
satisfied customer of the Hotwoods Hog Snares.

Click on the movie below to see our Hotwood's Hog Gates featured in Part 3 of the 4 Part series,
"A Pickup Load of Pigs: The Feral Swine Pandemic"
posted by the Mississippi State University, Department of Wildlife


Fremont Hog Humane Foot Snare does not harm animal.

Replacement snares for the Fremont Foot Snare
System are $4.25 each.

Hog Extensions for the Fremont Foot Snare
System are $4.25 each.

Hog trail leading into Peanut field in west Texas.

Here Sarah helps our trapping specialist
get snares ready to ship.


The Fremont foot snare incorporates a spring/trigger assembly which fires a loop up and around the animal's leg. This does not harm the animal.

Includes: Instructions, Fremont snare thrower, HD high tie extension cable, and a quick link.

.....ITEM ...... PRICE
FHM-SYS $42.00
FHM-HEX $4.25

Installing a Fremont Foot Snare at rubbing post.


Works with the Fremont Foot snare. 1/8" galv. Aircraft cable.
FHM-RE........... Only $4.25 each


Six foot of 7x7 1/8" cable looped at each end. For use with the Fremont Hog Humane foot snares.
FHM-HEX.............. Only $4.25 each

Easy to Use and Set.

Evidence of hogs around creosote pole near field.

In the spring and summer, when food is plentiful hog trapping becomes tough. Snares really shine this time of year and
hogs are easily snared on trails between fields and their
bedding areas. Watch our hog snaring video and see
just how easy hanging snares really is, anybody can
snare with a little coaching.

Phil showing the effectiveness of the Hog Master Spring
Snare to minimize fence damage after the catch.

Phil talking to Dr. Steve White about the mechanics
and effectiveness of the Fremont foot snare. This is a
simple tool to use for foot snaring feral hogs when lethal
methods are out of the question.


#9 Wire

Roll has 63' of # 9 soft black wire, weighs 3 1/2 lbs.

These rolls are very convenient to keep in your truck around the farm or in the shop.
Easy to handle and store than the old 36" rolls we all had tangled up in the back of the pickup for years.
Very convenient, easy to handle and store. This is the same # 9 support wire we use in our trapping video.
This wire is what we use to support all of our snares.
The small roll is so handy when working in the terrain most problem animals live in.
Our customers have been asking for this and here it is.

Part Number



$10.00 per roll



Only $11.00
Call to order!

Black Gold Wild Boar Attractant

Black Gold is an environmentally safe wild boar scent attractant. It is designed to be used as a rub and is best when applied to the side of a tree or post or when poured on the edge of a recently used wallow. Both hunters and trappers alike have had great success bringing in boars with Black Gold!

What makes Black Gold stand apart from other boar attractants is that it contains no salt. Hogs do not sweat and therefore cannot handle salt. Most other hog attractants have salt listed as their first ingredient.

As a scent attractant or rub, Black Gold can be used in most states that forbid baiting because boars are attracted to the strong scent and want to rub and roll in the pungent odor. Always check local and state game laws before using any attractant.

wild boar trap

wild boar trap
"Last night I put more
Black Gold out and the pigs
where there at 8:00 pm."

wild boar trap
"Our slump was ended;
Black Gold brought the
'pork chops' across the threshold."
wild boar trap
"Good to the last drop!"
wild boar trap
"I have been using Black Gold as an attractor and hog in heat on the string across the door to the trap to keep deer out, seems like this is attracting bigger boars."


Other Popular Boar Attractants:

Nitro (4oz.)

Nitro is a powerful mixture of flavors that the wild boar love!
This ultra fine powder was developed to attract from long distances and has a super sweet taste the boar love.
Use it in hog traps that the hogs have been avoiding. They won't be able to resist it! Just shake it all over the inside of the trap!
Treats 4 traps. use 1oz per trap; its strong and ultra fine. Not for auto feeders, this powder can get sticky!

. .. . .ITEM . . .. . . PRICE
NITR-4 $8.50


Russian Mix (4oz.)

Developed and tested on our 5,000 acres to mask the bitter taste of added
vitamins and minerals. Not only did it perform its purpose; we noticed a 50% increase
in daytime feedings. 4oz will flavor up to 250lbs of feed or corn.
Available in 2 flavors: Peanut butter cookie dough and Blackberry Molasses.
Great for feeders or any application!

. .. . .ITEM . . .. . . PRICE
RM-PCD $8.50



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