drydock drydock

All NEW Hotwoods
Dry Dock
Shore Stand!

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Shore Stand from Hotwoods.
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Now Taking Orders!!
Dry Dock
Shore Stand!

starting at $2,495.00
plus shipping.

drydock drydock

This unit is adjustable (width & height) to accomodate other manufacturers pontoon boats.

Store your Hotwoods compact pontoon on dry land without a trailer!

With the Hotwoods Dry Dock Shore Stand you can get your Hotwoods Compact Pontoon boat off the water without having to use a boat trailer. The dry dock shore stand features a winch assembly with a 2 inch heavy duty nylon strap. Your boat will be on the dry dock and off the water for storage or maintenance in no time. The Hotwoods Dry Dock Shore Stand is adjustable for all types of pontoon boats. It features all aluminum construction, stainless steel hardware, and marine grade carpet on the rails.

Hotwoods is taking orders now starting at $2,495.00. Call 1-877-407-8645 today!


The Hotwoods Dry Dock Shore Stand.
Taking orders now! Call 1-877-407-8645.

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